Dr. Freud's Hamlet

Much of twentieth-century psychology has been dominated by the Freudian school of analysis. Leading members of the psychoanalytic community, including Sigmund Freud, himself, and his disciple and biographer, Ernest Jones, have felt compelled to deal with Shakespeare's great tragedy. They have put Hamlet on the couch and scrutinized him with the traditional tools of psychoanalytic psychology. What follows is the principle structure of their diagnosis of Hamlet , and some second opinions from other Freudian psychologists who disagree with their findings.

1.  The Sphinx of Modern Literature
2.  Oedipal Foundations
3.  Repressing the Roots
     a. Hamlet's Mother
4.  The Mystery has been Solved
5.  Second Opinions
     a. Oedipus or Orestes and The Soul of Nero